Small in size. Big in sound!

Available in a choice of 3 colors, SingingMachine 4TV is small enough to take
with you anywhere you go. Use the built-in speaker or connect it to any TV
entertainment system for bigger sound.

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Uses CD+G discs or download songs.

SingingMachine4TV lets you use any CD+G disc or download your favorite
songs with MP3+G onto any USB drive. Simply insert the USB into your
4TV and let the fun begin!

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The microphone puts you in control.

SingingMachine4TV has state-of-the-art technology built right into the
microphone. Adjust the volume, change the key, or shuffle through songs
with the push of a button.

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We dragged old school karaoke kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Every inch of the sleek 4TV is crammed with technology, allowing you to play MP3+Graphics for the first time ever! Mega-size your music library with 1000s of songs from our online store or play your favorite CD+Graphics discs (Karaoke CDs). That giant flat screen you’ve got? The same 4TV microphone that cranks out your tunes doubles as a remote control giving you the ultimate interactive karaoke experience.

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